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Two of the things on my mind November 7, 2009

Posted by Ian Clatworthy in Uncategorized.

Last week, my battle with colorectal cancer turned ugly again with confirmation that it had returned. After 15+ months of radiation treatment, major surgery x 2, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, chemotherapy and recovering from a stoma reversal, it was news I could have done without.
The good news is that my liver looks OK. The bad news is that the cancer has reached my lungs and possibly the pelvis bone. Chemotherapy started again last Monday.

As you can imagine, I have a lot on my mind right now. Two things keep popping into my head though: bacteria under rocks in Antarctica and a quote by Steve Jobs. I keep thinking of the first thing because it reminds me that, no matter how harsh the circumstances, life finds a way to survive. The quote by Steve is essentially this: “We’re put on this Earth to make a dent”. My job in this lifetime is far from done so I plan being around for a long time yet.



1. Ted Gould - November 7, 2009

Ian, sorry to hear the news. I’m impressed with your sprint, love your bacteria, and pleased to be trying to make a dent with you.

2. Gour - November 7, 2009

Hi Ian,

I’m not happy to hear the news. 😦

I wrote you in the past and I’m not sure whether you manage to do the reading I recommended rto you.

After 15+ months of radiation treatment, major surgery x 2, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, chemotherapy..

The above methods are quite heavy ones and the bad guy kind a likes them ’cause it can defeat them easily.

To win the battle you have to deploy (more) subtle methods and then you can stop it and eliminate it from your body.

However, it could probably means less thinking about bzr & sprints, but more absorption in (spiritual) meditation…

Now it’s time to make a dent in your consciousness. 😉

Wishing you all the best…


3. Derek Mahar - November 11, 2009

Good luck, Ian! Keep fighting!


4. Greg - November 12, 2009

Very sorry to hear your bad health news.
Your attitude is inspiring.
May God help and preserve you my friend.

5. Russel Winder - November 16, 2009

Ian, Sorry to read of your ongoing troubles. As others have said, keep on fighting. Russel

6. Nicholas Kinar - December 5, 2009

IMHO, BzrExplorer is one of the greatest and most brilliant tools for bzr. You’ve accomplished many things with this piece of software, and there are many more things to be accomplished. I expect to be using this great GUI for years – and I know that you will still be working on it when Linux becomes the most dominant OS 😉 Best wishes to you, Ian, and get well soon!

7. Luis Arias - December 14, 2009

Thank you for your work Ian. I learned about your illness through Russel Winder who I had the pleasure to meet last week in London. I will be thinking of your courage as I use my favorite tool.

8. Alister Scott - February 4, 2010

My thoughts are with you Ian.

9. Jimmy - September 7, 2010

Rest in Peace Sir.

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